Entry #1

yoo ppl

2007-10-12 20:16:11 by flarpking

I just want to make things straight. i made flarps. its my idea. Im also the leader of the flarp fraternity with my partner stash flarp a.k.a stash flarp. i thought of it in the summer. others can make their own flashes about it, but i made it. so nobody can steal my idea. IM NOT SAYIN THE DESIGN IS MY IDEA IT WAS PERFECTED BY ZOMBIETOAD. IM SAYIN THE WHOLE FLARP KINGDOM IS MADE BY ME LOL LOL

( zombietoad was a big help and he is a good friend though)


yoo ppl


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2007-10-21 00:35:36

What the hell's a flarp? Those bubble people there?

flarpking responds:

no shitt