2007-12-23 23:50:34 by flarpking

first of all, flash is exhausting and hard work, but its all fun. we all know i made flarps (zombietoad helped me with the design so he gets some credit) but i need some recruits. im working hard on new and bttr flashes. its kind of hard cuz i just started flash but any way I NEED MORE RECRUITS so ya ppl talk 2 me on aim or email me or pm me for more info. i am also going 2 b working on stick movies so i get bttr. i'll get back 2 plots and all dat junk wen i get 2 high school. by that time i think i'll either be better at flash.

i also need some of ur help. what should i the name of my stick fighting series be, what should the main guys color b, and wat style shoudl i use? all listed below.



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2007-12-25 15:42:53

style 1 is nice in red
style 2 is nice in black
style 3 is nice in all colors
maybe u could use diffrent colors like color red is that side purple tht side etc etc

ps check ur inbox

flarpking responds:

thanks but like i duno which style 2 use specificly


2007-12-27 17:11:19

I think if you do comedy stick man use s3 but fight use black s1 but give him longer legs.


2007-12-27 19:40:49

Got msn? Check your inbox.


2007-12-27 19:47:11

So early 2000's.


2007-12-31 04:59:35

I think you should avoid sticks and guns all together but I would go Style 2 Colour 2 just because purple is a bit different and the thinner lines work better. Style 2 too thick and style 3 has too much neck.

(damn spell checker won't save you every time)