Entry #4


2008-01-02 19:39:44 by flarpking

First of all, flash is exhausting and hard work, but its all fun. we all know i made Flarps (zombietoad helped me with the design so he gets some credit) The Flarp fraternity needs new recruits. Anyway... before I start working on the Flarp Fraternity, i need 2 get better at flash. so ya people talk 2 me on aim or email me or pm me for more info. i am also going 2 b working on stick movies so i get better. E'll get back 2 plots and all dat junk (such as flarps) wen i get 2 high school. by that time i think i'll either be better at flash. I'm also working on a new and secret game (shhh) with toxic-pro. IT WILL B AWESOME!!! But... for now i will b working on my new series Genocidal Jack and His Little Cute Bunny. >.>lol .



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2008-01-02 19:42:47

Yep that's the forth news post where you basically said the same thing. No one signing up?

flarpking responds:

lol i kept on messing up the speeling and stuff lol. and btw how come ur always like the first 1 to comment my page? lol

P.S i already have a board of directors and a bunch of membors. they're just waiting for me 2 start the action....


2008-01-02 23:14:18

I don't know your username just seems to grab my attention.

flarpking responds:

lol wat u mean? and yes i picked a good name


2010-06-21 11:25:05

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